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Sonicision™ The Industry's First Cordless Ultrasonic Dissection Device

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Welcome to the World of Cordless Ultrasonic Dissection

Experience Ultrasonic Freedom

Sonicision Ultrasonic

Intuitive Design

Sonicision Cordless Ultrasonic Dissection

Enhanced Visualization

Sonicision Ultrasonic

Quick and Simple Setup

You Now Have a Choice in Ultrasonic Technology

With Sonicision™, Covidien enhances its energy portfolio from electrosurgery to vessel sealing and now ultrasonic dissection. Benefits include:

  • Faster dissection than the Harmonic ACE™ 1,3
  • Thermal spread, vessel burst pressure, hemostasis, seal time and blade temperature comparable to the Harmonic ACE™1,3
  • Up to five times less plume than Harmonic ACE™ 2,3
  • Finalist for a 2013 Medical Design Excellence Award

Streamline Your Operating Room

Sonicision Brings Ulrasonic Dissection to the Operating Room

Sonicision™ innovative technology lets you decrease the footprint of generators in your operating room and reduce surgical setup time. Experience intuitive assembly and freedom from cords, cables and hassles by making Sonicision your ultrasonic choice.

Product Benefits:

  • Cordless: Innovative design offers freedom of movement during your procedure and increases mobility without impacting your O.R. footprint.
  • Intuitive: Intuitive design, featuring one button with two power settings, means eyes can stay on the field.
  • Efficient: Quick and simple set up takes approximately 15 seconds; reusable generator and battery allow for up to 100 sterilization cycles.
  • Sonicision™ Assembly Video
  • Device Specs
  • FAQ's

Performance You Expect from the Leader in Energy Technology

Surgical Procedures using Sonicision Ultrasonic Dissection Device

With Sonicision, Covidien brings you a groundbreaking technology that not only meets, but exceeds your performance expectations. Sonicision offers faster dissection, improved visualization and freedom of movement in the operating room.

Clinical Benefits:

  • Surgical Plume Generation
  • Effect of Surgical Plume Generation by Ultrasonic Dissectors on Laparoscopic Visibility
  • Surgical Techniques Video
  • Preclinical Surgical Video
  • Clinical White Paper
  • Clinical White Paper
  • Cordless Movement Animation
  • Cordless Movement Animation

A Trusted Partner for All Your Energy Needs

Health Care Economic Value

As the leader in electrosurgery, vessel sealing and now ultrasonic technology, Covidien has enhanced its portfolio to become your trusted partner across the energy spectrum.

Economic Benefits:

  • Reduced overhead costs with no maintenance schedule
  • Easy to adopt with no large capital outlay
  • Scottsdale Health: "We standardized, saved money and improved quality." See how.
  • Scottsdale Economic Health Study
  • Scottsdale Healthcare Economic Study
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3. On maximum power through 15cm of porcine mesentery.
4. Deemed statistically significant.

Sonicision™ Cordless Ultrasonic Dissection System FAQs

What are the benefits of the Sonicision device compared with other ultrasonic dissectors?

Sonicision delivers improved performance with the convenience and sophistication of an entirely cordless design. Sonicision ultrasonic technology provides faster dissection through tissue and reduced visual obstruction from plume 1-3. Sonicision also utilizes an advanced ultrasonic generator that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand—no software upgrades required.

What procedures can be performed using the Sonicision device?

Sonicision is used in a variety of procedures across multiple specialties such as: general (including upper gastrointestinal), bariatric, colorectal, gynecological and urological procedures.

What size vessels can be coagulated with Sonicision?

Sonicision can be used to coagulate isolated vessels up to 5 mm in diameter.

What is the ultrasonic frequency of the Sonicision device?

Sonicision ultrasonic technology operates at 55,500 Hz. This is the same frequency as other market leading ultrasonic devices.

Why is the Sonicision battery unique?

The Sonicision battery is unique because it can be fully submersed in water, cleaned and re-sterilized for use. This design enhancement makes the battery small and easy to handle compared to other battery devices found in the operating room, such as orthopedic batteries.

How long does a battery last during a case?

A single battery will be sufficient for most surgical procedures. If an extra battery is needed, a simple battery replacement takes only seconds and can be done entirely within in the sterile field.

How will I know if the battery is running low?

A yellow flashing light and a series of audible tones will alert the user when approximately 20% of battery life remains.

How does the dual-mode energy button work?

The Sonicision device provides two different power settings with a simple squeeze of one button. A light squeeze activates the minimum power setting, which is recommended for improved hemostasis. A full squeeze activates the maximum power setting which is recommended for fast dissection and rapid transection of tissue. Hemostatic and dissection effects can be easily controlled without the need to switch buttons or reposition fingers during surgery.

The operating room is already crowded with large equipment. How much floor space does a Sonicision system require?

Sonicision fits in the palm of your hand and the components are approximately the same size as most smart phones. Not only is the system completely portable, but it does not require any O.R. floor space.

What size is available?

The Sonicision shaft length is 39 cm for maximum utility in standard laparoscopic and bariatric procedures.

How is the Sonicision device different from LigaSure™ devices?

Both Sonicision and LigaSure are important advanced energy tools for improved patient outcomes. LigaSure devices work with the ForceTriad™ energy platform to reliably seal vessels up to and including 7 mm in diameter. Sonicision is a versatile ultrasonic dissector and can seal vessels up to 5 mm in diameter. With the introduction of the Sonicision system, Covidien offers a full energy portfolio suited to surgeons' specific clinical needs and is a single solution provider for advanced surgical technologies.

Why is the device called 'Sonicision'?

'Soni' is derived from the word 'ultrasonic' to describe the fundamental technology of the device, and 'cision' is derived from the word 'precision'.

Is the Sonicision system environmentally responsible?

Covidien is committed to a healthy world and recommends that Sonicision batteries be recycled following decontamination. Covidien has partnered with Call2Recycle for the responsible recycling of the Sonicision Reusable Battery. Customers in the U.S. and Canada can visit www.call-2-recycle.com for more information and to receive a prepaid collection kit. For customers outside the U.S. and Canada, Covidien recommends batteries are recycled in accordance with local laws, rules and national regulations.

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